Term & Conditions

1. Using Qasual App

1.1 Qasuals provides an information society service through Qasuals app that enables mediation of the requests for casual services between the clients and casual workers and Qasuals does not provide casual services. Casual services are provided by the casuals under a contract (with you) for the general casual services. Casuals provide Casual services on an independent basis (either in person or via a company) as economic and professional service providers. Qasuals  is not responsible in any way for the fulfilment of the contract entered into between the client (you) and the casual. Disputes arising from consumer rights, legal obligations or from law applicable to the provision of casual services will be resolved between the client and casuals. Data regarding the casuals and their casual service is available in the Qasuals app. Receipts for the work and customers details can be viewed on the App at any time on “your jobs”. 

1.2 Charges are determined by the App on hour basis or per day. The payment is made directly to the casual through any agreed form between the casual and the client.

2. Ordering and cancelling casual services

2.1 If you order a casual service and the casual has agreed to undertake the work then the casual service is considered to be ordered.

2.2 Once a casual confirms that he/she will complete your task, you will enter into a separate agreement with the casual for the provision of the service on such terms and conditions as you agree with the casual. Qasual does not provide casual services  and is not a party to your agreement with the relevant casual.

2.3 once the casual has arrived at your location he/she will send arrial notification. Ensure the casuals clicks on started only when they begin working since the count down will start imediately the started icon has been clicked.

2.4 If the Casuals take longer than expected without any communication, kindly make a call and if it appears that the time taken to arrive at your loaction will be unbearable, you have all the rights to cancel the request. 

3. Liability

3.1 As the Qasuals app is an information society service (a means of communication) between clients and casuals, we cannot guarantee or take any responsibility for the quality or the absence of defects in the provision of casual services.

3.2 Qasuals, its representatives, directors and employees are not liable for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of using Qasuals app.


Qasuals does not offer any refunds since the money is directly paid to the casuals upon satisfaction that the work is done and completed as agreed between the client and the casuals. 


We do not sell your personal information. The only personal data vissibel to both casuals and clients upon service request is their names and phone numbers.



Qasuals App is a product of Dyamac limited

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